I graduated as a software engineer and entered it marked in 2011. My focus has been on VMware products for 10 years. I’ve had Ten years of working experience in the most prominent data centers in my country and I have gained the experience of working hard on sensitive financial and government projects with extreme contestation. Troubleshooting in stressful and sensitive moments is one of the assets I have acquired over the years, also I have three degrees from VMware and one degree from AWS.

Also I’ve had pre-sale experience  to provide a solution for customer’s problem in the field of virtualization and storage solutions such as SRM, vSphere, SDS and  so on.  I was always dealing with new customers and new solutions for them.

Payman Maher” is my name. Expert is the literal meaning of the family name. I am a “pExpert” then 😉

Payman Picture